What Are Your Retirement Non-Negotiables?

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to retirement? In other words, what discretionary spending items are you not willing to eliminate from your lifestyle.

The answer to this question is very personal and unique to each of us. What one person may think is an absolute must-have item, someone else might find frivolous.  And that’s the point, when it comes to creating your personal retirement plan it should be built around the things that are important to you.

So, whether you refuse to give up your daily Starbucks, regular golf game, eating out, manicures, or yearly travel plans, that’s okay as long as it was included in your retirement planning process.  That’s right, your retirement plan should be comprehensive and thus account for everything including the things that you don’t want to stop enjoying.  A solid retirement plan can help give you the confidence to continue enjoying the things that make you happy without fear of jeopardizing your long-term wellbeing.

If you have questions about whether your current financial plan gives you the flexibility to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, maybe it’s time we talk.  CLICK HERE to request your no obligation review where we’ll discuss the goals you have for retirement and evaluate whether your current plan can get you there.  Our mission is to help you achieve your retirement goals without taking on unnecessary risk.

So, go ahead and continue playing your favorite course or discovering new restaurants. With a comprehensively prepared retirement plan you can still enjoy your favorite things.